Local Programmes

Local Programmes @ BFE is a portfolio of people-and-place centred approaches to local area regeneration. All of our projects seek to avoid approaches that do something ‘to’ a place, and instead reorient and empower the community and its residents as the drivers of the initiative at all levels. All projects are delivered in collaboration with the community, along with a range of committed cross-sector stakeholders.”

I’d like to get involved…

Thankyou for your interest in getting involved with Local Programmes @ BFE. Our projects couldn’t happen without the kindness of our volunteers and partners. Below is a list of ways to get involved, but it’s in no way exhaustive and we’re always open to suggestions for support!

Please contact francesca@buildingfutureseast.org or call 0191 263 2752 for more information.

  • Cooking/serving at events
  • Publicity team
  • Support for project participants (please specify if possible what sort of support you can offer, eg. HR, legal support, sustainability)
  • Support for individuals/groups within Walker (please specify if possible what sort of support you can offer, eg. jobs and training access, project sustainability, publicity)
  • Mentoring
  • Funding
  • Entertainment
  • Activities